Ron and his team of eReader sleuths have tried and tested the best eReaders. Here's their top picks and why:

iRiver Story HD

  • Inexpensive: $79-109
  • Black and White screen
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to buy, access and read Off the Beaten Path purchased eBooks
  • Learn more about the iRiver

Nook Color plus N2A Card


iPad, iPad 2 and 3

  • Expensive: $499-799
  • Most comprehensive set of tablet functions (web browsing, email, many others)
  • Best operating system
  • Google Reader and IndieBound Reader apps available
  • High quality reading screen
  • 10” size
  • Learn more about the iPad

Android Tablet

  • Moderately Expensive: $249 – $699
  • Full set of Tablet functions (web browsing, email, many others)
  • Integrated purchase and reader platform (IndieBound Reader App)
  • Easiest to use for buying and reading
  • High quality reading screen
  • Variety of tablets 7” and 10” sizes
  • Recommended: Dell Streak tablet 7” or the Acer Iconia 10”
  • Learn more about the Android Tablet