Instructions for setting up your iPad to purchase eBooks from Off the Beaten Path

Off The Beaten Path Review of the iPad 2

  • Expensive: $499-799
  • Most comprehensive set of tablet functions (web browsing, email, many others)
  • Best operating system
  • Google Reader and IndieBound Reader apps available
  • High quality reading screen
  • 10” size
  • View our reveiws of other devices

Setting Up Your iPad:

  • Open the App Store on your iPad
  • Enter “indiebound” in the search box.
  • Select and install the “Indiebound Reader.”
    • If the Indiebound Reader is not yet available, select the Google Books App instead.  It will function just like the Indiebound Reader App, but it’s reader does not have the range of functions of the IndieBound Reader.
  • Open the IndieBound Reader App.  Choose your favorite Independent Bookstore when asked.  (We hope it will be Off the Beaten Path!)
  • Enter your Google account information.
  • Your Google eBooks will appear in your library.
  • Tap on the Download text below any book you want to read.
  • Read away!

How to buy a Google eBook from Off the Beaten Path:

  • On your iPad (or on any computer) open a web browser (Safari on your iPad) and go to
  • Click on My Account
    • If you have an account, sign in
    • If you do not have an account, click on create an account. We recommend you use your Google (Gmail) account information to create a account
  • Now find the book you want to purchase by entering the title or author name in the Google eBook search box, or by browsing the site.
  • Add the selected eBook to your cart.
  • Checkout.
  • Open your Reader App (see above) on your iPad.
  • Your new book will appear in your Library.
  • Tap on the Download text below your new book.
  • Read away!