Instructions for setting up your Nook to purchase eBooks from Off the Beaten Path

Off The Beaten Path Review of the Nook Color

Important! – Do these first steps before you start up your Nook

    • Charge your Nook.
    • Choose a computer you will use with your Nook.

      Setting up your Nook:

      • Turn on your Nook and follow the directions in the Quick Start Guide for ”turning on your Nook for the first time.” These directions will be presented to you on your Nook when you turn it on the first time. 
        • Most important is that if you already have a Barnes and Noble account and intend to use it for your Nook, use the email address and password from that account when registering your Nook.
        • If you don’t already have a Barnes and Noble account, you will be asked to create one.
        • Record the username and password for the Barnes and Noble account you will use with your Nook; you will need them for later steps.
      • Once you’re finished registering your Nook, set it aside and go to the computer you will be using with your Nook. Open the web browser on your computer.
      • Go to the Adobe Digital Editions site
      • Launch Adobe Digital Editions.
      • During installation you will be asked to ‘authorize’ your computer, creating an Adobe ID. Use your Barnes and Noble username and password during this step of the installation.
      • Connect the Nook USB cable to your computer and your Nook.
      • Your Nook should appear as an icon on the left pane of Adobe Digital Editions.

      How to buy a Google eBook from Off the Beaten Path

      • On your computer, go to
        • Click on My Account
        • If you have an account, sign in
      • If you do not have an account, click on create an account. We recommend you use your Google (Gmail) account information to create a account
      • Now find the book you want to purchase by entering the title or author name in the Google eBook search box.
      • Add the selected eBook to your cart.
      • Checkout!
      • When you are finished, you will have the option to Download your book. Click on Download.
        • If you don’t see the download option, click on My Account, then click on the tab “My eBooks.”
        • Find the book you want to download onto your Nook and click on Download.
      • We recommend you create a folder on your computer to store your downloaded books.  Use that folder as the destination for your download.
      • When the download is complete, open a window and navigate to the folder where you downloaded your book.  The file will appear as a “.acsm” file.
      • Double click on the file.  The book will now open in Adobe Digital Editions.
      • Drag the book onto the Nook icon.  The book will transfer to your Nook!
      • Eject your Nook from your computer.
      • Your book is now on your computer, ready to read!