Book Review: Exploring race and immigration

Michelle Dover, the circulation services manager at Bud Werner Memorial Library, reviews these two books about race and immigration. Studies suggest that people tend to associate with people who are similar to them — religiously, politically, economically and, yes, racially.

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Staff Picks for February 2015

In the dead of winter, there's nothing nice than curling up with a good book (especially after a long, hard, exhilerating day of powder skiing).

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Staff Picks for January 2015

This month, Virgie introduces us to the hero of the movie, Unbroken - Louis Zamperini - who completed his book just two days before his death, at the ripe old age of 97. In his closing statement he wrote that he wanted his life to count up to the very last minute! This book is evidence that he did.

Logan introduces us to Hanya Yanagihara, her debut novel, and her psychologically complex narrator. "You hate him, you curse him under your breath, but you can’t stop reading."

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'Luck Uglies' an adventure!

The Luck UgliesI cannot say enough about this gem of a tale! This is a story full of character, humor, magic and wonder, one that I could not put down until finished, and even then I was aching for more.

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'High Divide' a beautiful historical fiction

"The High Divide" tells the story of an American family and the rift — or divide — that threatens to break their bonds and their lives. This is a modern, literary Western: beautiful, sweeping historical fiction, set in the post-Civil War West, when railways sliced across the plains, when Custer was king and the vast herds of bison nearly had been decimated.

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