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Recommended by Megan

Every January, I like to start the new year by re-reading a book I really enjoyed in the past. When I picked Order of Odd Fish off of the library shelves years ago, I had no idea what sort of wild ride I was in for. Jo Larouche, a plucky young 13 year old, has lived a puzzling existence with her aunt in the middle of the desert. Her situation gets much more puzzling and bizarre when Jo is whisked off to Eldritch City, a land of fastidious talking cockroach butlers and noble ostrich steeds and general oddity that the residents regard as completely normal. A menacing and confusing villain threatens to overthrow everything that Jo loves about Eldritch City - unless Jo and her friends can stop him. This book is like H.P. Lovecraft and Alice in Wonderland combined, except with a better sense of humor.

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JO LAROUCHE HAS lived her 13 years in the California desert with her Aunt Lily, ever since she was dropped on Lily’s doorstep with this note: This is Jo. Please take care of her. But beware. This is a dangerous baby. At Lily’s annual Christmas costume party, a variety of strange events take place that lead Jo and Lily out of California forever—and into the mysterious, strange, fantastical world of Eldritch City. There, Jo learns the scandalous truth about who she is, and she and Lily join the Order of Odd-Fish, a collection of knights who research useless information. Glamorous cockroach butlers, pointless quests, obsolete weapons, and bizarre festivals fill their days, but two villains are controlling their fate. Jo is inching closer and closer to the day when her destiny is fulfilled, and no one in Eldritch City will ever be the same.

About the Author

The Order of Odd-Fish is James Kennedy’s first novel. He lives with his wife in Chicago.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780440240655
ISBN-10: 0440240654
Publisher: Laurel Leaf
Publication Date: February 9th, 2010
Pages: 416
Language: English