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I love romance novels because they offer diverse character development, complex arcs, and (mostly) relatable obstacles for everyone involved.  If you love them like I do, you already know this, but if you’re hung up on old prejudices against the genre, Helen Hoang is a great place to begin changing your mind.  In The Heart Principle the reader will encounter challenges that will seem all too familiar, and characters you’ll genuinely fall in love with.  This book is an absolute delight, and frankly felt like a therapy session right through to the HEA (happily ever after.)  Romance novels are often criticized for being cheesy, unrealistic, and misogynistic, but frankly, I think the message of overcoming the odds in the face of human pain is valuable, cathartic, and feminist.  Helen Hoang’s newest book is THE book for a romance newbie or a seasoned veteran. 


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— From Jubilant January Staff Picks

I deeply love Hoang’s series of neurodivergent romances, and The Heart Principle was not a disappointment! 

Anna Sun is a talented violinist, but lately, she’s found herself trapped in a never-ending perfectionism spiral where she can’t finish a single song without restarting it - over and over and over again. When her therapist suggests that perhaps Anna needs to start being more honest with herself and the people close to her to break out of her spiral (which Anna thinks is a terrible idea), Anna decides instead to try out this whole honesty thing on a one-night-stand instead. Quan is the last person you’d think she’d date based on his outward appearance, all tattoos and leather jackets, but it turns out the two are more suited than they thought. After a life-changing diagnosis, Anna will have to decide if she’d rather continue living with a mask to please her family, or if she can be brave enough to live her life authentically - with Quan at her side. 


Check out the ebook and audiobook!

— From Nocturnal November Staff Picks


A woman struggling with burnout learns to embrace the unexpected—and the man she enlists to help her—in this new New York Times bestselling romance by Helen Hoang.

When violinist Anna Sun accidentally achieves career success with a viral YouTube video, she finds herself incapacitated and burned out from her attempts to replicate that moment. And when her longtime boyfriend announces he wants an open relationship before making a final commitment, a hurt and angry Anna decides that if he wants an open relationship, then she does, too. Translation: She's going to embark on a string of one-night stands. The more unacceptable the men, the better.

That’s where tattooed, motorcycle-riding Quan Diep comes in. Their first attempt at a one-night stand fails, as does their second, and their third, because being with Quan is more than sex—he accepts Anna on an unconditional level that she herself has just started to understand. However, when tragedy strikes Anna’s family she takes on a role that she is ill-suited for, until the burden of expectations threatens to destroy her. Anna and Quan have to fight for their chance at love, but to do that, they also have to fight for themselves.

About the Author

Helen Hoang is that shy person who never talks. Until she does. And then the worst things fly out of her mouth. She read her first romance novel in eighth grade and has been addicted ever since. In 2016, she was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in line with what was previously known as Asperger’s syndrome. She currently lives in San Diego, California, with her husband, two kids, and a pet fish.

Praise For…

"A fiercely anticipated third release from the adored author of romances The Kiss Quotient and The Bride Test... If Hoang's previous successes prove anything, The Heart Principle will be a joy."—Elle

"[Hoang is] a consummate wordsmith of soulful romances, with soft, honest-to-goodness love stories paired with euphoric steaminess."—NPR

"There’s something about the way that Hoang writes her characters. They’re fully fleshed, vulnerable, sexual, and full of potential, and her newest novel proves no different."—Real Simple

“Sensitive and sweet, The Heart Principle—a worthy follow-up to Hoang’s 2019 novel The Bride Test— explores a burgeoning romance built on undeniable chemistry.” —TIME

"The Heart Principle is riveting the whole way through, exploring a complex range of subjects in unique and interesting ways."—Associated Press

"The author shows that romance can bloom in unexpected ways and reminds readers that happily-ever-after endings are different for everyone."—Shelf Awareness

“One of her most raw and autobiographical works, as she notes, and it touches on themes of grief and loss as much as the need for unconditional love and romance.”—Book & Film Globe
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ISBN: 9780451490841
ISBN-10: 0451490843
Publisher: Berkley
Publication Date: August 31st, 2021
Pages: 352
Language: English