Raising Martha (Paperback)

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"We are all animals. The only difference is we pretend to be something better. But we're not. We're cruel, greedy, stupid and selfish. We have no rights, no obligations, no duty to anyone or anything. Welcome to the farm, Daddy "

Five years after her death, Gerry and Roger's mum, Martha, has gone missing. Well, most of her has...

The unwitting victims of animal rights activists campaigning for the freedom of the family frog farm's slimy inhabitants, the brothers bring in the hapless Inspector Clout to establish the whereabouts of their long dead mother.

An absurdly funny comedy, Raising Martha tackles terrorism, animal rights and six-foot frogs

Product Details
ISBN: 9780573113727
ISBN-10: 0573113726
Publisher: Samuel French Ltd
Publication Date: January 10th, 2017
Pages: 126
Language: English