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Dirty Laundry: Why Adults with ADHD Are So Ashamed and What We Can Do to Help

Dirty Laundry: Why Adults with ADHD Are So Ashamed and What We Can Do to Help

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Publication Date: August 15th, 2023
Ten Speed Press
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A collection of essays and stories from a husband and wife duo, who, after finding success online through the ADHD Love Tiktok platform had plenty of, hah, Dirty Laundry to air out.. ADHD as a performance disorder leads to vast amounts of shame for those of us who deal with it. Thus it was INCREDIBLY refreshing to see realistic, relatable, and REAL examples of how weird this disorder can make life for us. Swapping from Richard to Rox and back again, we get to see life with ADHD from both the outside and in, with examples of how love and connection makes all of it so much more bearable. If you or anyone you know deals with this, you’ll understand and have plenty to get from this book.

— Ryan


An empowering and witty guide to banishing shame and living your fullest life with ADHD—plus tips for loved ones on helping them navigate this world, too—from viral duo ADHD_Love.
What if you stopped feeling ashamed of constantly being late or of getting so hyperfocused on a task that you drop everything else you had to do? How can you as a partner, parent, or friend better understand your neurodivergent loved one’s way of moving through the world?
In Dirty Laundry, life partners Rich Pink and Rox Emery unapologetically guide you through the ups and downs of life with ADHD. Every chapter starts with a common symptom of ADHD, like impulsivity or struggles with finances, and an earnest moment from their own lives to show you how they navigate the symptom together. Rox reminds you to be kind to yourself and love yourself for who you are; Rich offers tips on how he uses compassion and honesty instead of jumping to conclusions. Whether it's helping your ADHDer with friendly time-checks before an appointment or reminding yourself to take breaks during hours spent hyperfocusing on a new project, Rox and Rich give you the tools to destigmatize and normalize life with ADHD.

About the Author

Richard Pink and Roxanne Emery are the couple behind social media phenomenon ADHD_Love. Rich, a former banker of 20 years, is the neurotypical half, while Rox, a platinum-selling songwriter and artist, is the ADHD half of the equation. Their down-to-earth and often hilarious videos showcase the rather messy reality of living with ADHD. Their main goal is to alleviate the shame that so many people living with ADHD can feel and to raise awareness of the condition.