Extant (Paperback)

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Only the chosen shall seek.

Sea levels have receded, exposing fertile, untouched land. Virgin soil that everyone in a ravaged world is willing to fight for.

Askala knows it needs to stake a claim if they're going to continue healing the Earth. To do that, a team of Seekers will be sent to colonize it...and assimilate those who don't understand.

This year, the testing won't end at the Proving. Passing is no longer just about having a kind heart and a sharp mind. To spread Askala's word, Seekers also need to survive in this harsh new world. New tests will determine who's strong and tough enough to be the best of the best.

Sam is determined to prove her father's vision is what the world needs. Mercy's about to discover she's more like her mother than she realized. Hawk believes he was destined to be a Seeker, but does that mean leaving the only girl he's ever loved? Luca knows he's never fitted in and isn't about to try.

Who will pass and have the honor or representing Askala? And how will a society founded on peace succeed in a world where violence is power? Four teens are about to find out.

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ISBN: 9780648906308
ISBN-10: 0648906302
Publisher: Sequel House
Publication Date: July 9th, 2020
Pages: 316
Language: English