Happy 21st Birthday: A Field Guide for Bar Patrons of All Ages (Paperback)

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The bar is crowded, and sweaty, and alive with the vaguely debauched electricity of Friday night. And as the mechanization of the line finally spits you out in front of the tattooed bartender you freeze. What do you order? HOW do you order? Are you making a "douche move"? And how much do you tip? In HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY, Tanya Frantzen's lovingly warts-and-all guidebook for navigating life on both sides of the bar, every trick of the booze trade is supplied with all the wit, charm, and wisdom that only a 20-year bar vet of Portland's fantastic dive bar scene can supply. Whether you're a discerning pub customer looking for the perfect hole in the wall to call home, an eager newbie seeking "regular" status, or looking to break into the hallowed halls of the bartending club yourself, HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY is the perfect map for scaling the peaks and avoiding the pitfalls on the road to dive bar Valhalla. Now, if you're ready to order...what'll it be?

About the Author

Tanya P Frantzen lives in Portland, Oregon. She currently owns and manages two neighborhood dive bars in Southeast Portland, the B-Side Tavern and the Basement Public House.
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ISBN: 9780692155219
ISBN-10: 069215521X
Publisher: Tanya P. Frantzen
Publication Date: July 10th, 2018
Pages: 112
Language: English