MMC Explorer: A Near Future Novel (Paperback)

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'In 2071, Adriana, the first permanent self-sustaining colony in space, no longer orbits earth. It has moved to a new location called L5. A UN treaty delineates the moon’s surface into Near Side (Earth’s)

and Far-Side (Adriana’s). Ongoing animosity has prevented any official contact between their respective settlements – until now. The promise – or threat – of normalized relations between Adriana and Earth escalates when the space-pioneering Brock family instigates a realignment of Australia’s borders and , at the same time, develops an outer-space source of precious ores. With political and economic machinations entangling Cesare Rosati’s widespread cast of characters, their too-often devious goals remain unrevealed until the final pages of this journey into the future.' - Harriet Freiberger
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ISBN: 9780976850441
Publisher: Morris Publishing
Publication Date: March 27th, 2015
Pages: 446