Oneliners: How the Line Speaks to Your Mind (Paperback)

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Oneliners will show you how to use the magic of the line to communicate with the human mind. You will learn how a single unbroken line can create and empower objects, communicate feelings, instill emotions and even tell a story. You even will learn how the entire universe, at least in theory, could be captured on a single continuous line. Oneliners takes a unique approach to demonstrate its message. Every illustration in the book from simple examples to entire landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes and abstracts is drawn with a single uninterrupted line which never crosses nor even touches itself from beginning to end. Hence, the title: Oneliners. Everything you see, feel and think is caused exclusively by the power of that single line. This book shows you how to use that power to communicate your own message. In the words of the internationally renowned water media artist Stephen Quiller: "Oneliners is a book that can be used by artists at every level. It touches on imagination, humor and expression to involve line on the page. It shows how the perception of line can communicate. Mr. Calkins demonstrates how one can create the illusion of an object and let the viewer's mind participate with the subject. It further teaches the artist to visualize and break up space abstractly. Lastly, there is a marvelous gallery that showcases Dick Calkins' work. This chapter is the culmination of the book and shows in his finished drawings how the various approaches to line can be used to express. Wonderful.
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ISBN: 9780983677024
ISBN-10: 0983677026
Publisher: Calkins Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: January 7th, 2016
Pages: 100
Language: English