Liberal Arts Education and College Architecture in Steamboat Springs (Hardcover)

Liberal Arts Education and College Architecture in Steamboat Springs  By Robert P. Baker Cover Image
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In this book, the microcosm, the history of higher education in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is reflective of the macrocosm, the larger educational history of America. This book tells the story of the rise of liberal arts education in Steamboat Springs before the coming of Colorado Mountain College (CMC), the continuation of that kind of education after the coming of CMC in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and the diminution of that tradition in the twentieth-first century. This story is combined with a study of architecture on the campus in Steamboat Springs, because one thesis of this book is that a certain kind of architectural aesthetics is a necessary component of the liberal arts. Besides showing the importance of a liberal arts education and the ideal of a welcoming campus for this education, this book weaves together other motifs: the personal life of the author, the Jeffersonian ideal of the educated citizen, the crucial intellectual growth that should occur between the years of eighteen and twenty-one in the education of youth, the proper manner in which that education should be conducted, the importance of the preservation of modernist architecture, the slowing down or speeding up of time, and the changing modes of being in the contemporary world. This is a book that combines the diminutive details of local history with large themes that are of concern to anyone who thinks seriously about higher education in America.
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ISBN: 9780996136600
Publisher: Neponset Publishing Company
Publication Date: August 13th, 2015
Pages: 165