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'While you and your families go about your business in a safe and civil manner, it's the cops who stand between you and some very nasty and scary people. Occasionally rules were broken to keep the order and to keep you safe.' When Meni Caroutas joined the police in 1984, he was an innocent in the world. Two years at Darlinghurst Police Station (which included Kings Cross in its command), the busiest and toughest police precinct in Australia, changed all that. This is the story of the years he spent smack bang in the powder keg of the toughest and most notorious red-light district of Australia, a melting pot of contradictions that proved to be the best teacher a rookie cop could ever have.Think of this as a very, very hairy Call the Midwife, a catapult into a place that could frighten and intimidate and excite and fascinate all at the same time, with a group of people who would make Elmore Leonard proud. If you read only one chapter, make it Chapter 9. 'What the hell were you thinking'.Rebecca KaiserPublisher and Editor.
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ISBN: 9781080750863
ISBN-10: 108075086X
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: July 15th, 2019
Pages: 342
Language: English