The Other Side of Yesterday: My Account of Abuse and Survival (Paperback)

The Other Side of Yesterday: My Account of Abuse and Survival Cover Image
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Spencer Hatch is born into a family that seems normal and typically American- a dad who works, a mom who stays home and raises him and his older brother. When his dad takes a job out-of-town, Spencer's life is turned upside-down as his dad becomes an emotionally abusive alcoholic. After being sexually abused by a trusted friend, Spencer craves positive male attention and seeks it in any place he can.

Entering college, Spencer meets a classmate, Tyler, who seems perfect. Someone who he describes as "being confident enough for the both of us", and Spencer begins to feel self-worth. However, as Tyler's true colors emerge, Spencer finds himself trapped in an abusive relationship for which he might not escape alive.

Written from true events, The Other Side of Yesterday explores the emotional and mental aspects of abuse: from a broken home, sexual and physical abuse. This story is a heartbreaking account of abuse that is all-too-common and will leave the reader with a greater understanding of those trapped in abuse.

´╗┐As you read, ask yourself: "am I on the other side?"

Product Details
ISBN: 9781087939551
ISBN-10: 1087939550
Publisher: Jacob Bowling
Publication Date: December 27th, 2020
Pages: 188
Language: English