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Valley of Refuge: A Novel

Valley of Refuge: A Novel

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Publication Date: October 3rd, 2023
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In this high-stakes, character-driven thriller, a Hawaiian family must decide the future of their ancestral land when a tech billionaire decides he wants it for himself, and won't take no for an answer.

What would you do if you. . .

. . .were offered an obscene amount of money for your family's ancestral land? For Nalani and her mother, the money that could change their lives—at the sacrifice of everything they believe—is a double edged blade, and they're not sure they can trust the secretive tech billionaire holding it out to them as if it were an olive branch. But what happens when a man with unlimited wealth is given an answer he doesn't want to hear?

. . .woke up on a plane en route to a tiny Hawaiian island, with no memory of who you are or why you're there? Janice, whose only clues are the passport in her pocket, and a locked phone with increasingly alarming text alerts about a situation she may or may not be part of, barely knows where to start. Navigating an unfamiliar place, and her own unfamiliar mind, Janice seeks to discover who she is, and answer the question of why she is here, and exactly whose side is she on?

As plans are set in motion that carry them down dangerous and unexpected paths, all involved must decide just how far they are willing to go to reach their goals, before turning back is no longer an option.

About the Author

JOHN TESCHNER was born in Rhode Island and grew up in Petersburg, Virginia. He has worked as a newspaper reporter, professional mover, ropes course instructor, writing teacher, and nonprofit grantwriter, and is the author of the novels Project Namahana and Valley of Refuge. He served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya and rode a bike across the United States. He spent seven years on the island of Kaua‘i with his wife and two boys and now lives in Duluth, Minnesota.

Praise for Valley of Refuge: A Novel

“A sleek, stylish thriller about the high cost of living in paradise. Keen-eyed, heartfelt, and hard to put down.”
—T. Jefferson Parker, New York Times bestselling author of The Rescue

“A tightly wound sleep-wrecker that races across Hawai‘i like an armored convoy on the run from every 21st century threat. As smart as it is gripping, Valley of Refuge is a throwback thriller but also—with its survivalist billionaires, crypto-conspiracies, and class warfare—a savvy and ripping distillation of a world on the brink of extinction.”
—Adam White, bestselling author of Midcoast

“Teschner pulls the curtain on a Hawai‘i hidden from tourists when wealth and power confront ancestral landowners. Full of mystery and intrigue, this well-crafted thriller escalates the tension like a rumbling volcano.”
—Matt Goldman, New York Times bestselling author of A Good Family

Praise for Project Namahana

“An enthralling tale of disappearances, deaths, dark secrets, and corporate evil. I loved it and highly recommend it!”
—Douglas Preston, #1 bestselling co-author of the Agent Pendergast series

“A smart, propulsive, high-stakes dive into the wild heart of Kaua‘i. A stunning debut from a writer I’ll be reading again.”
—James A. McLaughlin, Edgar Award winning author of Bearskin

“Teschner’s exceptional debut, a hard-edged eco-thriller, matches strong characters with a bold plot that fulfills its potential. . . The action builds to a satisfying resolution that doesn’t pull punches.”
Publishers Weekly starred review