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Chris's June 2014 Staff Pick: Brad is a normal kid growing up in the world of super heroes. His dad was one, his brother is one, how can he live up to that pressure when he doesn’t seem to have any super powers. And to make things worse he is transferred to the A-program, he finds that he might fit in after all with this new group of kids that have more of a mind for the political side of super heroes.

This book is fun and wonderful, while it still stands by its morals. It is a must read for all teens.

— From Chris's Picks


Brad Baron is used to looking lame compared to his older brother, Blake. Though Brad's basically a genius, Blake is a superhero in the elite Justice Force. And Brad doesn't measure up at his high school, either, where powers like super-strength and flying are the norm. So when Brad makes friends who are more into political action than weight lifting, he's happy to join a new crew-especially since it means spending more time with Layla, a girl who may or may not have a totally illegal, totally secret super-power. And with her help, Brad begins to hone a dangerous new power of his own.

But when they're pulled into a web of nefarious criminals, high-stakes battles, and startling family secrets, Brad must choose which side he's on. And once he does, there's no turning back.
Perfect for fans of The Avengers, Ironman, and classic comic books, V is for Villain reveals that it's good to be bad.

About the Author

Peter Moore (petermoorebooks.com) has been fascinated with superheroes since he was old enough to trip over his own cape. (He didn't make a very graceful hero.) After a brief life of crime (he shoplifted some candy and got caught) he decided to devote his energy to the forces of good. Lacking super-strength, he took to working out and became strong. Lacking super-intelligence, he studied hard in high school and read a lot, which enabled him to attend Vassar College and Columbia University. Lacking superior fighting skills, he trained in boxing and Goju-Ryu karate. Finding job opportunities for aspiring heroes to be scarce, he instead has worked as a screenwriter, college professor, English teacher, film teacher, and guidance counselor. He lives with his wife and two kids in an undisclosed headquarters somewhere in New York state where he allegedly works on his writing. This is his fourth book for young adults. He strongly denies allegations that any character in this book is based on him.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781423157496
ISBN-10: 1423157494
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Publication Date: May 20th, 2014
Pages: 327
Language: English