The Divinity of Dogs: True Stories of Miracles Inspired by Man's Best Friend (Paperback)

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Dagny's September 2013 Staff Pick: This short story collection celebrates the bond between man/woman and dog and how time and again dogs save our lives in ways we could never have predicted. From the dog who chased off a serial killer to the dog whose concern for his owner stopped his owner from taking her life, to the dog who sniffed out undetectable cancer, dogs are more than loyal, more than friends, they are sometimes the best family we have.

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From the bestselling author of God Stories, this "mysterious and faith-inspiring" (Publishers Weekly) book shares the uplifting stories of people who have encountered the divine through their dogs.

The Divinity of Dogs is about the moments we learn something profound about life from an experience with a dog. In this inspiring collection of true dog stories, you'll hear dramatic firsthand accounts from people whose lives have been transformed by a dog's love. From everyday blessings to lifealtering miracles, these stories confirm what many of us have always known: dogs are the ultimate gift, sent here to help us on our journey.

You'll meet Mazie, the Lab who was rescued from a shelter only to return the favor by rescuing her new family; Luna, the Retriever who pulled her person to safety after she collapsed in a field; Little Bit, the Chihuahua who detected cancer in her owner's breast; Emma, the Rottweiler who stopped a troubled man from taking his life; Bo, the Boxer who helped comfort a mother after the loss of her son; and other amazing, heroic dogs you'll never forget.

Filled with heartwarming anecdotes, adorable dog photos, and the author's moving personal story, The Divinity of Dogs reminds us that we're not alone and will always have joy in our lives as long as we have dogs by our sides.
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ISBN: 9781451621594
ISBN-10: 1451621590
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication Date: August 27th, 2013
Pages: 326
Language: English