Teach Your Children Well: 50 Essential Experiences for Your Children (Paperback)

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It's no secret that growing up in today's competitive world is incredibly challenging. As parents and caregivers, we hope we can teach our children everything they need to know as they get older. Teach Your Children Well can help you do just that.

In this original and innovative reference manual for parents, professional trainer Bob Litt presents a checklist of fifty essential experiences to assist you in guiding your children to learn the life skills that will bring them street smarts, cultural literacy, and success.

This guide focuses on preparing your children for their future and giving them the training and practice that can open doors and present opportunities. Life is about the choices we make, so give your daughters and sons as many choices as possible. They can't have a passion for something unless they know it exists. As parents and caregivers, it is our job to open the world to our children and make them aware of opportunities and possibilities.

Each essential experience is broken down into topics, quotes, and checklists with plenty of collateral experiences along the way. Your children can develop skills and knowledge about the arts, careers, finance, music, politics, science, and sports. Teach Your Children Well introduces them to a diverse array of essential life experiences that can ultimately help them make better decisions and allow them to discover their natural abilities and passions.

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ISBN: 9781469777382
ISBN-10: 146977738X
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: March 28th, 2012
Pages: 166
Language: English