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Journey Through the Mirror: Book Two of the Rising World Trilogy

Journey Through the Mirror: Book Two of the Rising World Trilogy

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Publication Date: December 23rd, 2014
Atria Books


Following Journey Into the Flame—“a spiritual adventure of the first order” (New York Times bestselling author Felix Palma)—comes the second part in a post-apocalyptic trilogy about a set of ancient books that hold the key to humanity’s survival.

In 2030, after the Great Disruption brought humanity to the brink of a second dark age, the Chronicles of Satraya were discovered, restoring hope in the world. But the secret powers in their pages remained largely unknown.

There were some, however, who understood them. The Reges Hominum, the Kings of Men, a clandestine group influencing history from the shadows, sought to use their hidden gifts to regain world control. But their plans were foiled by an unlikely group: Alain Perrot, an eccentric old man and former member of the Council of Satraya; Special Agent Valerie Perrot, his daughter; and Logan Ford, a young painter who discovered he was the son of one of the Chronicles’ original finders, long since murdered in an effort to protect them.

Soon, seemingly unrelated global events pull Logan and his allies into another contest with those enemies determined to bring a rising world back down. The earth’s still-recovering energy supply is put at risk. Illnesses spread. Earthquakes without epicenters shatter the land. And the only things holding the world together are the Chronicles, connected to a series of scattered, hidden mirrors around the globe.

With T.R. Williams’s trademark excitement, mystery, magic, and deep wisdom, the second book in the Rising World trilogy ensures that you will never look at your reflection the same way again.

About the Author

T. R. Williams divides his time between Seattle and Chicago. He is a scholar of ancient texts and loves to ponder the mysteries of life.

Praise for Journey Through the Mirror: Book Two of the Rising World Trilogy

Praise for Journey Into the Flame

"An imaginative story filled with intrigue, suspense and deep wisdom, all set in a post-apocalyptic world where the stakes couldn’t be higher… Journey Into the Flame is a spiritual adventure of the first order."
— Felix Palma, New York Times bestselling author of The Map of Time

“T.R. Williams’ novel Journey into the Flame is a thought-provoking evolution of the dystopian genre. Where others have simply used economic and ecological apocalypse as elaborate set dressing, Williams plunges into the deeper meaning and significance of a world that has literally come off its compass. The result is a bold and exciting odyssey that not only entertains, but also asks every reader to question the greater purpose of their own existence and the world around them. Journey into the Flame is a modern myth, and we'll all be better off for the message it may communicate to us about ourselves and the nexus of science and spirituality in which we live."
— Gotham Chopra, author of Walking Wisdom

"This race-against-time, postapocalyptic adventure keeps us flipping the pages, and the book’s wide-open ending cries out for volume two."
— Booklist

“A ripping yarn! A clever and intricate spin on the post-apocalyptic theme that is so popular. This stands head and shoulders above the crowd."
— Cayacosta Review

“A futuristic Da Vinci Code mixed with bits of Brave New World and a big scoop of deep spiritual wisdom, Journey Into The Flame compounds all my favorite genres into one juicy read. This mystical thriller is thought-provoking and satisfying.”
— Arielle Ford, author of Wabi-Sabi Love