A Taste of Sugar - A Bite of Tiger: A Serialized True Story of a Pig and Cat (Paperback)

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A Taste of Sugar - A Bite of Tiger is the true story of a potbelly pig that was bought for a child as a pet and for a Christmas present. This is the first of a series of books about the pig and the tabby cat that the child's family own. The cat befriended the potbelly pig and took care of her and parented her and protected her until she learned to be on her on. The two animals became the best of friends and were always together and ate and slept together. The book describes the love and relations between the pig and the cat and the family who owned them. The book describes the life experiences that the cat and pig had together and separately as well. The interactions of the family with the pig and the impact of the pig on the family and their experiences with each other are also described. The book instructs about love, friendship, kindness, fear, courage, growing up, values, and the love of family, obeying rules, living in harmony, and other aspects of life. The book also brings humor and joy.

About the Author

Ms. Kathleen, the author, is a lover of animals and a fierce advocate for them. She feeds and takes care of a number of homeless cats. She is a dedicated mother, dedicated professional, and a loyal and enthusiastic lover of children and animals. She had numerous pets while growing up, after growing up, and also after having her own children. Her children (now grown) also had and have great love for the typical pets as well as for unusual or atypical pets and insects such as potbelly pigs and tarantulas. Her house was always filled with children and teenagers who loved being with her and her children and their pets, which included over time multiple and varied types of cats (with various personalities, who all lived together peacefully), dogs, a guinea pig, a tarantula, a potbelly pig, and a small lizard. Being at her home was a respite, or vacation, or second home for humans and animals. Other animals, both wanted and sometimes un-wanted, would slip in Ms. Kathleen's house, because they knew they would always be fed. Many times, the neighbors' cats were going and coming and hiding out in her home as they pleased, because they knew that she would always feed them. On one occasion, a huge opossum had learned to come through the cat entry door off the deck porch and into the house whenever it felt like it. Another time a small lizard had taken up in the upstairs of the home and she provided rations and water for it and allowed it to stay. It spent its time sleeping on the top of the light strip of the upstairs bathroom and swimming in the commode when it chose. She instructed that the upstairs commode not be used as it was lizard country. The lizard upstairs a year or more (before returning outside) and at times it was seen flitting around upstairs, but it was never bothered by the cats and apparently, the cats were not bothered by it. They all went their separate ways and lived in harmony. Ms. Kathleen loves to study and observe how living things live in harmony. She feels that all living things should be loving to each other and live and let live. She tries to live this way and teach this philosophy to children and pets. She believes that all the love and care that you give to pets, they give much more back to you, and gift you with immeasurable love, joy, and humorous memories. In her writings about animals, she attempts to educate the reader about animals and share their personalities.
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ISBN: 9781490326108
ISBN-10: 1490326103
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: October 1st, 2013
Pages: 144
Language: English