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Syl Mortilla authoring a biography on the life, works and soul of the icon Michael Jackson has been eagerly anticipated by the fan community since the inception of his popular blog in 2013. Mortilla's unique insights on Michael Jackson led to his writings being endorsed by longtime friends of the man himself - with Karen Faye, Michael's make-up artist and confidante of thirty years providing the foreword to the book, and Michael's official photographer Harrison Funk providing the cover image. The book is further advocated by fellow esteemed Michael Jackson bloggers Damien Shields and Charlie Thomson. The onus of this distinctive biography is on the utilisation of Michael Jackson's art as a window to an understanding of the man largely considered an enigma. The book explores Michael's evolution from pop star to global figure, with Mortilla questioning whether the people of planet Earth can afford to dismiss the totemic value of Michael Jackson's unrivalled fame and legacy apropos its potential as an opportunity for promoting world peace.A percentage of proceeds from the book are being donated to the registered not-for-profit charity, Michael Jackson's Legacy."Syl Mortilla has a remarkable and uncanny understanding of Michael Jackson that I do not see in any other... his writing is the blood pulsing from Michael's heart to all of his fans... Michael's life spoke, and Syl Mortilla was listening." - Karen Faye"Syl Mortilla's work is like a tapestry of truth; an assortment of facts, quotes and insights plucked from the depths of Michael Jackson's extensive body of work, carefully woven together with poetically articulated observations and interpretations of that work that'll make you look at, listen to, or think about it in a whole new light." - Damien Shields"Syl Mortilla is a fantastic wordsmith with an encyclopaedic knowledge of Michael Jackson... a sensitive and sympathetic writer with a truly unique voice." - Charles Thomson.

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Michael Jackson author, blogger and activist.
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