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The Little Book of Meditations

The Little Book of Meditations

Current price: $12.99
Publication Date: September 24th, 2019
Andrews McMeel Publishing


Channel the power of meditation to find health, happiness, and well-being with this beginner’s guide to inner peace.

Dive into an ancient art and timeless tradition with The Little Book of Meditations. This charming gift book is educational, teaching readers about the practice’s fascinating history, the physical and mental benefits of meditation, and the practical ways engage in mindfulness. It’s also inspirational, with plenty of stylized quotes from a wide array of thinkers to motivate readers to practice relaxation and reflection. And colorful, soothing illustrations and patterns nearly make flipping through the pages of The Little Book of Meditations an act of mindfulness in and of itself.

About the Author

Gilly Pickup is a British journalist, travel writer, author, and photographer. She has written hundreds of features for UK publications—on everything from Tunisian winemakers to the archaeology of the Orkney islands—and she's fascinated by mind-body-spirit topics.