Who Put the Devil in Deviled Eggs?: A Food Lover's Guide to America's Favorite Dishes (Paperback)

Who Put the Devil in Deviled Eggs?: A Food Lover's Guide to America's Favorite Dishes Cover Image
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Who pitted the first cherries and nestled them into pie crust?
Was a meatloaf sandwich the result of a late-night refrigerator run?
Does anyone really crave green bean casserole, complete with fried onions on top?

In this time of hyper-awareness of locality—when every roast chicken needs a pedigree of a free-range home and antibiotic-free past—it’s time to celebrate the very basics of American cooking. The joy of Velveeta and pleasures of Jell-O. In this fun collection, author Ann Treistman takes readers on a journey through a 1950s kitchen, sometimes with surprising results. For example, deviled eggs were first prepared in Ancient Rome, in a slightly different form and without the familiar moniker. The practice of removing the yolks from hard-boiled eggs, mixing it with spices and refilling the shells was fairly common by the 1600s. Why the devil? Well, it’s hot in hell, and by the 18th century, it was all the rage to devil any food with a good dose of spice. Adding mustard or a signature sprinkle of hot paprika turned these eggs into devils.

The perfect gift for food lovers, Who Put the Devil in Deviled Eggs? promises to be a wickedly good read with recipes to boot.

About the Author

Ann Treistman is the author of 73 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep and Foodie Facts. She has worked as a cookbook editor at a number of publishing houses. She resides in New York City.
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ISBN: 9781602397422
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Publication Date: July 13th, 2011
Pages: 192
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