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Pokémon Primers: Grass Types Book

Pokémon Primers: Grass Types Book

Current price: $14.99
Publication Date: June 6th, 2023
Pikachu Press
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Join Pikachu and Smell the Flowers with Grass-Type Pokémon!



Pikachu is excited that a music festival is about to start! There’s just one problem—the big field is empty, and Pikachu knows that its Grass-type Pokémon friends would make a great audience. Come along as Pikachu invites Grass-type Pokémon to enjoy the music festival! Will they be able to fill the audience?

Pokémon Primers: Grass Types is a fun, interactive way to introduce Grass-type Pokémon to young children, with over 100 lift-and-reveal flaps to enjoy. Take your Trainer-in-training on a Pokémon adventure today!


About the Author

Josh Bates was born in the forestlands of New Hampshire, where the regional pastimes include chopping wood, wood chopping, and chopping the wood some more. Eventually, Josh got bored of all that chopping and started telling stories—stories around the campfire, stories through short films, and stories on stage. He left New Hampshire behind and has been living in New York City for nearly a decade, where he's a writer and creative director. He's written comedy and kids content for outlets such as Snapchat Originals, Twitch, Pokémon, and Team Whistle—and he’s even penned some jokes for his comedy idols, like Sacha Baron Cohen. When he's not telling stories, you can find him surfing up and down the east coast of Cinnabar Island.