iVillager: My Lifetime Journey from Kokoland to America (Paperback)

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It has taken me a thirty year journey from my dusty village, Kokoland, to reach America, the land of Uncle Sam. Both Kokoland and America belong to planet Earth, but they are two different worlds and neither one knows about the existence of the other. Few people in my village have the slightest clue about life in America. To them the village might as well be the center of the universe. I'm one of few lucky or unlucky ones (depending on how you look at it) who happened to, miraculously, have had the opportunity to live in both worlds. It goes without saying that I can also speak with confidence that my level of confusion is unparalleled, as you will find in this book. Once, I had confused Elvis Presley (the King) for Yuri Gagarin (the Russian Astronaut). In fact, there are people in Kokoland who still believe so. What difference will that make anyway when folks still believe that the Earth is flat?
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ISBN: 9781642982657
ISBN-10: 1642982652
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: August 16th, 2018
Pages: 508
Language: English