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Tokyo Aliens 03

Tokyo Aliens 03

Current price: $12.99
Publication Date: May 9th, 2023
Square Enix Manga
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This thrilling sci-fi fantasy series welcomes you to Japan, a top ten destination for extraterrestrials looking for refuge, relaxation, a good time, or just to raise a little hell!

Join one unsuspecting Tokyoite as he discovers that intergalactic tourist relations can prove to be a lot more dangerous than they seem!

Akira's gig as an alien's bodyguard gets a lot harder when an intergalactic assassin attacks, putting his partner Sho in mortal danger. Akira will have to get over his nerves and summon every bit of courage he has inside him to stand up to an opponent he never, ever imagined he'd face!

But he won’t do it alone. The last person he expected to see suddenly shows up to save the day...

As Sho’s mysterious identity is finally revealed, secrets are about to come to light that will rock Akira to his core and shake the very foundation of space and time!

About the Author

NAOE is the creator of Aoharu x Machinegun and Tokyo Aliens.