The War of Ashes and Flame (Paperback)

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In the futuristic and conflict-torn country of Halldis, previously the United States of America, a war rages between the ruling faction of the Emissary and a growing rebellion. However, this is no ordinary civil war. Altered with extraordinary super-human abilities, young soldiers across the country fight for a twisted definition of freedom.

Aidan Erinheart, retrieved from a military correction facility for deadly mistakes, arrives at a training facility and is given a task: Rally support for the cruel ruling faction with her awing and malevolent power. Only then can she be free. But there is a dangerous insurgency growing among the soldiers that threatens to prolong the devastating war. Will Aidan be able to conceal her monstrous past and carry out the task she is given for the hated Emissary to gain her coveted freedom? Or will the sparks of treason force her deeper into the war?

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ISBN: 9781647461676
ISBN-10: 1647461677
Publisher: Author Academy Elite
Publication Date: July 1st, 2020
Pages: 392
Language: English