Grandma Approved Curse Words: An Adult Coloring Book (Paperback)

Grandma Approved Curse Words: An Adult Coloring Book Cover Image
By Top Hat Coloring, William C. Parker (Designed by), Sumit Roy (Illustrator)
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Featuring 40 Cotton Pickin' Pages to Color. Inspired by our own flippin' grandmother's sentence enhancers

Whether she's a "bible thumper," "teetotaler," or just doesn't like expletives, your grandma is sure to approve of the colorful alternative curse words on the 40 pages in this irreverent adult coloring book.

We can hear her screaming now, "Gee Willikers What the devil are you doin'? Get your crapola off the flippin' floor, shut your pie hole, and help me with these cotton pickin' children you lazy jackwagon "

So, for the love of Pete, grab your dad blamed pencils, markers, or crayons and fiddle fart the day away as you relax, melt away stress, and unwind you lazy son of a motherless goat

Crimeny Maybe it's even possible for great Caesar's ghost to replace some "colorful" vocabulary with these grandma approved alternative curse words.

For heaven's sake, we surely hope you enjoy each and every gosh darn page

Top Hat Coloring

Product Details:
  • For Flippin' Adults Only (Not Meant for Dad Blammed Youngins');
  • Glossy Freaking Cover;
  • Printed Single Sided Fo Shizzle on Dad Burned Bright White Paper;
  • Perfect for all Con Sarnit Coloring and Paint Mediums;
  • High Quality 60lb (90gsm) Paper Stock (Definitely NOT Crapola );
  • Full Page Rassa-frazzin Designs;
  • Coloring Books (mainly) for Doggone Grown-Ups Effin Humorous 2018 Gift Ideas;
Product Details
ISBN: 9781732274419
ISBN-10: 173227441X
Publisher: Softpress Publishing
Publication Date: May 18th, 2018
Pages: 84
Language: English