Pleasure vs Pain Vol. 2 (Hardcover)

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This story continues the firsthand experience of a girl, growing into a young lady amid the atrocities of her life. Trying to accept her mother's whirlwind relationship as part of their new reality, she stays afloat by immersing herself into her boyfriend Tyrell and her schoolwork.The twists and turns she faces in her life are a mixture of growing into womanhood and accepting the role she plays in her sticky situations. Dealing with S nar, is yet another hurdle she is trying to overcome as his manipulative ways are difficult for her to decipher. Psychological warfare manifests itself in her choices, experiences, and emotions as she finds a place to store them instead of deal with them.In the midst of broken chains, broken hearts, and broken promises, will Treasure succumb to pleasure or pain?This is a ride the reader must brace themselves for as things get wild. The plot thickens as Treasure becomes the center of everyone's attention. Ask a friend to join in reading an electric and unpredictable piece of literature as you surely will need to discuss this unique story of a lifetime.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781734706147
ISBN-10: 1734706147
Publisher: Lakeisha King
Publication Date: September 30th, 2020
Pages: 530
Language: English