Which Way To Go Now (Paperback)

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After making the dire decision to attend Northwestern University fearing the worse for his wellbeing had he stayed home, Cedric Mason is reminded that all actions come with consequences. Running from the neighborhood menace, Melvin, who has a questionable desire to see Cedric make it to the big leagues as a top baseball recruit to losing David, his best friend that was like a brother to him over selfish lies told by a girl, Charlene, he once saw a bright future with, gave him more than enough reasons to want out of Jackson, Mississippi. Having the much needed love and support of Mrs. Anthony, David's mom, who took Cedric in as her own, still wasn't enough as he immaturely struggles with fighting the temptations of his flesh, while coping with the new freedom he has in an unfamiliar place as freshman in college, way up north in Chicago, he continues to put himself in serious situations that requires some life changing behaviors. With no one to shift the weight on as his load starts to get heavier, he is left with the feeling of failure and defeat. To make things even more hectic for the young guy, it only took two phone calls to ignite a flame of chaos for him to go from "I think I can handle this" to full out panic and uncertainty thinking, "What the hell am I'm going to do?" Every step forward he tries to take, will only have him going in circles if he doesn't change his perspectives on life. He's stuck again trying to figure out which way to go now

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ISBN: 9781735285818
ISBN-10: 1735285811
Publisher: Curtis Hines
Publication Date: July 31st, 2020
Pages: 374
Language: English