Gabe Discovers His Talent (Hardcover)

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Gabe is such a bright and cheery young boy. While he loves school and spending time with his family, he can't help but feel as though something is missing. As Gabe begins to navigate the special talent within himself, he receives so much support from his family and favorite teacher. Wise words from his father will awaken the hidden treasure inside of Gabe. Once his abilities come out, Gabe will have all he needs to flourish in a talent that may not seem usual for a young boy.

Throughout the book Gabe will continuously question himself about what makes him happy. Surrounded by a culture where men have been known to possess certain roles, Gabe isn't sure that his passion is something he should be doing. It isn't until Gabes' teacher speaks words of wisdom to him about everyone possessing their very own talent or gift. One night for dinner, Gabe is able to cook his family a dinner that he is proud of. While at the table, his parents take notice of his excellent dinner and the dreaded conversation begins. Will Gabe be able to show case his gift?

Product Details
ISBN: 9781735379401
ISBN-10: 1735379409
Publisher: Jaleesa Carroll
Publication Date: November 13th, 2020
Pages: 34
Language: English