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Tank Girl: World War Tank Girl

Tank Girl: World War Tank Girl

Current price: $16.99
Publication Date: November 21st, 2017
Titan Comics


With a few bars of gold left, and Sub Girl’s uneasy feeling that she left something behind, Tank Girl hires her scientist friend to reinvent time travel. The Third Reich have no idea what is coming their way!

The third and final chapter in new Tank Girl trilogy and anticipated follow-up to Tank Girl: Gold.
From the mind of original Tank Girl co-creator, Alan Martin
Art by incredible rising star Brett Parson (New Romancer, 21st Century Tank Girl).
Featuring variant cover art from top comix rebels including Chris Wahl, Keith Burns, Tula Lotay, Warwick Johnson Caldwell and many more!

About the Author

Alan Martin is the co-creator of Tank Girl (along with artist Jamie Hewlett). He lives in the UK.

Brett Parson is an American self-taught comic book artist from the East Coast. His passions include makin' cartoons, drinkin' beer, and keepin' it weird.  Credits include New Romancer for Vertigo Comics and 21st Century Tank Girl.