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Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Hatha Yoga Pradipika is among the most influential surviving texts on hatha yoga. The text describes asanas, purifying practices, shatkarma, mudras, finger and hand positions, bandhas, locks, and pranayama, breath exercises. The book explains the purpose of Hatha Yoga, the awakening of subtle energy kundalini, advancement to Raja Yoga, and the experience of deep meditative absorption known as samadhi.

Yogi Swatmarama

Yogi Swatmarama was a 15th and 16th century yogic sage in India. He is best known for compiling the yoga manual Hatha Pradipika or Light on Hatha Yoga. Swatmarama maitains throughout the text that Hatha Yoga's true purpose is the arousal of the Kundalini, until perfection in Raja Yoga is achieved, i.e. liberation.

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