Much Dithering (Paperback)

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The most striking thing about Much Dithering was its peacefulness. The few people who saw it from charabancs on morning or evening or circular drives said: "Isn't it peaceful?" or "Isn't it quiet?". And some said they thought it was a lovely place to be buried in, but while they were alive they preferred a place with more life, if you knew what they meant.

The unlikely heroine of this delightful comedy of manners is Jocelyn Renshawe, young widow of the local squire, "a specimen of human cabbage" who "fitted into her surroundings so completely that she was hardly noticeable." But she's about to be noticed a bit more-by her jaded, much-widowed mother Ermyntrude, who breezes in on the look-out for her next conquest; by her aunt and mother-in-law, who have decided she should marry Colonel Tidmarsh, an elderly (and extremely dull) retired Army man; and by Gervase Blythe, a mysterious acquaintance of Colonel Tidmarsh's, who arrives in town and rescues Jocelyn from a rainstorm before coming under suspicion as a jewel thief.

One is safe in assuming that Jocelyn is about to leave her mouldering existence behind, but how she does so is the sparkling, cheerful plot of Much Dithering.

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ISBN: 9781913527334
ISBN-10: 1913527336
Publisher: Dean Street Press
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2020
Pages: 204
Language: English