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Sue's Book Review for The Steamboat Pilot, August 1, 2015.

“Block 10,” written with David Niall Wilson, will grab anyone living here with its context in skiing. Childs’ main — and extremely well-developed — character is Luke Cooper, who had once been a world-class skier. After a horrific accident and long recovery, he refocuses his talents toward medicine, the professional discipline that allowed him to live productively and walk again. His cutting edge orthopedic surgeon and eventual mentor, Dr. Henri de Salvo, aids him, both physically and professionally. The setting is Dr. de Salvo’s clinic in the French Mediterranean city of Toulon. There is nothing like an opening chapter in which our protagonist arrives in Paris to begin his new career and is promptly and mysteriously arrested before even leaving the airport. From that first moment, the reader embarks on a journey of intrigue, science, crime and ethics, with enough sexiness and violence thrown in to keep anyone engaged. Take some free time this summer to read this one, as you won’t be able to put it down until you reach the thrilling and unforeseen conclusion. Don’t skip the afterword, which will rid you of any notions that the content is futuristic and unrealistic. If the book doesn’t keep you awake at night, the afterword will.

— From Book reviews: Medical intrigue characterize local author's novels


Luke Cooper dreamed of flying. He was an Olympic-caliber skier with a bright future until a freak accident ruined his knee and sent him into suicidal depression. A stranger, Dr. Henri de Salvo, gave him a reason to live, and a new set of "wings," thanks to an experimental medical treatment. With new focus, Luke turned to a career in medicine, a career that led him to accept an invitation to a secluded clinic in France where de Salvo continued his cutting edge-if morally questionable-work. Lured by the chance to help other athletes recover their lives, intoxicated by smooth cognac, beautiful women and dark intrigue, Luke finds himself drawn into another world. De Salvo has a shadowed past and powerful enemies, and the French city of Toulon has its dark side. Through amazing medical breakthroughs, run-ins with the Corsican mob, and clubs where men fight for big money-and women-Luke searches for his own path. The question is, will he survive the journey, and can he live up to the age-old medical adage, "First, do no harm," while following the message of his own heart: "First, do something...
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ISBN: 9781937530860
ISBN-10: 1937530868
Publisher: Crossroad Press
Publication Date: May 15th, 2014
Pages: 300
Language: English