The Boys of the Dixie Pig (Paperback)

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As a weapons dealer, Mack Barton has spent the last four decades running from someone scary, and now is no exception. A crime boss in Las Vegas wants to kill him because of an overdue gambling debt (one of his bad habits-another is tequila). And is it the C.I.A. blaming him if some munitions fell into the wrong hands in a Syria deal? Or the last Colombia deal? Thinking it might help him get his mind off his troubles, Mack accepts an invitation to a reunion with his four good friends from high school-the "troughers." He travels to Golden, Colorado, where he and three others are wined and dined by their mutual buddy, Ace Strain, a psychiatrist and the proprietor of a cutting-edge cryonics company. Little did he know that, before all was said and done, Colombian gunrunners and mob hit men would prove the least of his worries as he and his companions face intrigue, death, romance, and the question of reincarnated sports stars, caught up in a crazy chain of kidnapping, murder, and insanity.
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ISBN: 9781941408186
ISBN-10: 1941408184
Publisher: Amazon Difital Services LLC - Kdp Print Us
Publication Date: February 25th, 2015
Pages: 302
Language: English