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The Mushroom Man: 30th Anniversary Edition

The Mushroom Man: 30th Anniversary Edition

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Publication Date: September 5th, 2023
Tilbury House Publishers
Off the Beaten Path Bookstore
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(Children's Picture Book Hardcover)
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Staff Reviews

This is such a beautiful story about the simple joy of finding a friend. The mushroom man works in the dark all day, growing mushrooms on a farm. Ridiculed by the local children, and feared by the rest because of his peculiar appearance, the mushroom man looks for companionship in other places. The beautiful illustrations are somber, dark, and the perfect addition to this quiet, fulfilling story. This is a wonderful way to educate about empathy, loneliness, and the importance of companionship.

— Annali


The thirtieth-anniversary edition of a beloved children’s book.

The Mushroom Man has arrived at its thirtieth anniversary despite breaking every rule of picture-book storytelling. It is not a story about children: The only kids make a cameo appearance to taunt the mushroom man in the street. It is not a heroic story: The mushroom man toils away in a mushroom farm, coming to resemble a mushroom himself.The story doesn’t teem with personalities: The mushroom man’s existence is solitary. So why does it endure? Because it is a story of true and generous friendship.

This commemorative edition includes a new introduction from Barry Moser remembering his collaboration and friendship with Ethel Pochocki. “This remains one of my all-time favorite books for kids, and some of these illustrations are among the best I’ve ever done,” Barry writes. There is also new back matter in which Barry peels back the curtain on his illustration technique, making this book a marvelous accompaniment for teaching children’s book writing and illustrating.

About the Author

Ethel Pochocki discovered her passion for books and writing during her years working at the New York City Public Library. Moving her eight children to a farm in Brooks, Maine, she pounded out her fresh,quirky, unforgettable children’s stories on a manual typewriter. Ethel died in 2010.

Barry Moser has illustrated and designed more than 300 books,including illustrated editions of Moby Dick, Frankenstein, and The Divine Comedy. His edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland won a National Book Award in 1983. His Jump, Again! The Further Adventures of Brer Rabbit was included in The New York Times “Ten Best Illustrated Children’s Books” of 1987. He is Professor of Art at Smith College.

Praise for The Mushroom Man: 30th Anniversary Edition

In his narrative illustrations, Mr. Moser gives his own reading, conducts his own orchestra.
— Peter Neumeyer, children’s book author and critic,The New York Times - New York Times

Barry Moser’s illustrations glow with the quiet warmth and heart of the Mushroom Man and complement so well this story of friendship.
— Eric Carle

A little gem about true friendship that was almost lost in the great grinder that is the publishing world. Thanks to Ethel Pochocki’s lovely little story, Barry Moser’s ever glorious pictures, and Tilbury House for rescuing it.
— Jane Yolen

Moser’s shadowy, off beat style harmonizes with Pochocki’s uncommonly inspired text. A wonderfully odd tale of friendship.
— PW