The Phenomenology of Embodied Subjectivity (Contributions to Phenomenology #71) (Hardcover)

The Phenomenology of Embodied Subjectivity (Contributions to Phenomenology #71) Cover Image
By Rasmus Thybo Jensen (Editor), Dermot Moran (Editor)
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Editors' Introduction, R.T. Jensen & D. Moran.- Part I: The Acting Body: Habit, Freedom and Imagination.-1. Habit and Attention, K. Romdenh-Romluc.- 2. Affordances and Unreflective Freedom, E. Rietveld.- 3. Merleau-Ponty and the Transcendental Problem concerning Bodily Agency, R.T. Jensen.- 4. Imagination, Embodiment and Situatedness: Using Husserl to Dispel (Some) Notions of 'Off-Line Thinking', J. Jansen.- Part II: : The Body in Perception: Normality and the Constitution of Life-World.- 5. Transcendental Intersubjectivity and Normality: Constitution by Mortals, S. Hein maa.- 6. The Body as a System of Concordance and the Perceptual World, I. de los Reyes Melero.- 7. Life-world as an Embodiment of Spiritual Meaning: The Constitutive Dynamics of Activity and Passivity in Husserl, S. Pulkkinen.- 8. Intersubjectivity, Interculturality, and Realities in Husserl Research Manuscripts on the Life-world (Hua XXXIX), T. Nenon.- Part III: The Body in Sickness and Health: Some Case Studies.- 9. Chronic Pain in Phenomenological/Anthropological Perspective, K. Morris.- 10. Inter-Subjectively Meaningful Symptoms in Anorexia, D. Legrand.- 11. The Alteration of Embodiment in Melancholia, S. Micali.- 12. The Structure of Interpersonal Experience, M. Ratcliffe.- Part IV: Intercorporeality and Intersubjectivity: Ideality, Language and Community.- 13. Facts and Fantasies - Embodiment and the early Formation of Selfhood, J. Taipale.- 14. Self-variation and Self-modification - or the different Ways of Being Other, C. Lobo.- 15. The Phenomenology of Embodiment: Intertwining and Reflexivity, D. Moran.- 16. Language as the Embodiment of Geometry, T. Baldwin.- 17. The Body Politic: Husserl and the Embodied Community, T. Miettinen.
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ISBN: 9783319016153
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Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: January 22nd, 2014
Pages: 356
Language: English
Series: Contributions to Phenomenology