Fundamental Issues of Artificial Intelligence (Synthese Library #376) (Hardcover)

Fundamental Issues of Artificial Intelligence (Synthese Library #376) Cover Image
By Vincent C. Müller (Editor)
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Editorial Note; Vincent C. M ller.- New developments in the philosophy of AI; Vincent C. M ller.- Part 1. Computing.- Rationality and Intelligence: A Brief Update; Stuart J Russell.- Computation and Multiple Realizability; Marcin Milkowski.- When Thinking Never Comes to a Halt: Using Formal Methods in Making Sure Your AI Gets the Job Done; Tarek Richard Besold and Robert Robere.- Machine Intelligence and the Grammar of Computability; David Leslie.- Is there a Role for Computation in the Enactive paradigm?; Carlos Eduardo Brito and Victor X. Marques.- Natural Recursion Doesn't Work that Way: Automata in Planning and Syntax; Cem Bozsahin.- Part 2. Information.- AI, Quantum Information, and External Semantic Realism: Searle's Observer-Relativity and Chinese Room, Revisited; Yoshihiro Maruyama.- Semantic Information and Artificial Intelligence; Anderson de Ara jo.- Information, Computation, Cognition. Agency-based Hierarchies of Levels; Gordana Dodig Crnkovic.- From Simple Machines to Eureka in Four Not-So-Easy Steps. Towards Creative Visuospatial Intelligence; Ana-Maria Olteteanu.- Part 3. Cognition and Reasoning.- Leibniz's Art of Infallibility, Watson, and the Philosophy, Theory, & Future of AI; Selmer Bringsjord and Naveen Sundar Govindarajulu.- The Computational Theory of Cognition; Gualtiero Piccinini.- Representational Development Need Not Be Explicable-By-Content; Nicholas Shea.- Toward a Theory of Intelligent Complex Systems: From Symbolic AI to Embodied and Evol

utionary AI; Klaus Mainzer.- The Anticipatory Brain: Two Approaches; Mark Bickard.- General homeostasis, passive life, and the challenge to autonomy; Stefano Franchi.- Ad Hoc Hypotheses and the Monsters within; Ioannis Votsis.- Arguably argumentative: A formal approach to the argumentative theory of reason; Sjur Kristoffer Dyrkolbotn and Truls Pedersen.- Explaining Everything; David Davenport.- Why Emotions Do Not Solve the Frame Problem; Madeleine Ransom.-

Playing HeX with Aunt Hilary: Games with an anthill; J. Mark Bishop, Slawomir J. Nasuto, Matthew Spencer, Etienne Roesch and Thomas Tanay.- Computer Models of Constitutive Social Practices; Richard Evans.- Part 4. Embodied Cognition.- Artificial Intelligence: The Point of View of Developmental Robotics; Jean-Christophe Baillie.- Tacit Representations and Artificial Intelligence: Hidden Lessons from an Embodied Perspective on Cognition; Elena Spitzer.- Machine art or machine artists?: Dennett, Danto, and the expressive stance; Adam Linson.- Perception, Action & the Notion of Grounding; Alex Tillas and Gottfried Vosgerau.- The Seminal Speculation of a Precursor: Elements of Embodied Cognition and Situated AI in Alan Turing; Massimiliano Cappuccio.- Heideggerian AI and the being of robots; Carlos Herrera and Ricardo Sanz.- Part 5. Ethics.- The need for moral competency in autonomous agent architectures; Matthias Scheutz.- Order Effects, Moral Cognition, and Intelligence; Marcello Guarini and Jordan Benko.- Artificial Intelligence and Responsible Innovation; Miles Brundage.- Future Progress in Artificial Intelligence: A Survey of Expert Opinion; Vincent C M ller and Nick Bostrom.

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Publication Date: June 15th, 2016
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