I'll Be Gone in the Dark (Paperback)

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Gillian Flynn of Gone Girl fame opens this book with a glowing introduction of the dogged Michelle McNamara’s relentless search for the Golden State Killer.  Flynn is a fan of her investigative skills and her writing as I too, have come to appreciate. A couple things about this book set it apart and make it notable.  The first is that she died before she finished it, the second is that the killer was finally caught just weeks after the release of this book! Not only that but he was caught exactly as McNamara thought he would be.

This book is of the true crime genre but with very notable skills in writing.  McNamara pretty well inserted herself into the investigation, working with detectives for years.  This killer/rapist was one of the most prolific in history and was almost caught many times but just kept slipping through. His crimes spread across CA all through the 70’s and 80’s and as recently as 2011 he called a former rape victim “Remember the night we played?” he said in the same raspy, horrible voice.

The book ends with a beautiful afterword by her husband actor/comedian Patton Oswalt. Most stunning is the Epilogue: Letter To An Old Man, McNamara pretty much spells out how the recent arrest took place! She called it, probably helped solve it!  Just a shame she didn’t live to see it.

- Recommended by Kim B.

— Kim B.

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ISBN: 9789862357828
ISBN-10: 9862357827
Publisher: Lian Pu Wen Hua
Publication Date: October 3rd, 2019
Language: Chinese