AI The Game of Consciousness: The Spheres of Reality (Paperback)

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This book provides a revolutionarily new concentric sphere model of both human and artificial intelligence. It is intended to dramatically improve understanding and framing of reality and thereby to increase our happiness through effectiveness at getting what we want out of life. No sphere is necessarily more important than another, rather what's important is the fact that we must focus on one and then another and still another, depending upon the urgency of the changing situation in any given sphere. It includes a new model of our mind, reality and AI. Based on diligent research, great effort has been made to stick only to the provable. So, to the largest extent possible this is a true elucidation of the realities of our existence. I am hopeful that it will improve the quality of our life experience and help prevent calamity and destruction. I also attempt to prepare for scenarios that we cannot control due to natural events. In addition, I hope to provide better understanding of human intelligence, artificial intelligence and the different aspects of our shared reality. Hopefully this will also provide a model that will improve the mental health of our world, our families and friends and especially those who suffer from delusion, PTSD, anxiety disorders and other maladies that proper framing and understanding of human intelligence (HI) as well as artificial intelligence (AI) may facilitate.The sphere approach brings a clear focus to the fact that it is not sufficient to "do the ostrich" and focus only on our business, or our family and friends and build our world only in that sphere, while we act like other spheres of reality are not important to our survival, because they are. Awareness of reality is vital to happiness, to mitigating risk and to achieving objectives. Can an artificial intelligence (AI) make intelligent decisions without an accurate awareness of the problem it is solving? No, and the same is true of human intelligence (HI). Even our techniques themselves for dealing with reality are learned by awareness along with creative thought. So, it is important to stay plugged in to all the spheres of life and what I offer you is a first attempt to preliminarily define them.What is this book's purpose?1)To help people cope with reality.2)To present a new sphere-based view of reality that encompasses all intelligences to help us to effectively achieve in each sphere of our reality.3)To demonstrate the parallels between artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence (HI) to help intelligences to understand themselves and AI and thereby to be more effective achievers and mitigators of risk.4)To provide a model for reality that enables intelligences to recognize and filter out delusion, to accurately perceive reality.Who is this book's audience?1)All HI interested in AI2)All AI interested in HI3)People seeking to understand our reality.4)All who seek to understand the human mind.5)Intelligences, including people that seek to be effective in accomplishing their objectives.
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ISBN: 9798608859519
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 3rd, 2020
Pages: 76
Language: English