Careers in Classical Music: Performer, Conductor, Composer (Paperback)

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YOU WANT TO MAKE BEAUTIFUL MUSIC- classical pieces from the masters like Bach, Chopin, Mozart, Verdi, and Beethoven. What better way than to be a trumpet player for the New York Philharmonic, a violinist for the Boston Pops, a flutist for the Chicago Symphony, or to perform with any of the 1,200 symphony orchestras throughout the United States? A career in classical music does not limit you to just playing a musical instrument. If you have what it takes, you can sing, conduct, or compose your own scores. You must have a love of classical music, a real passion for it, and of course, you must have talent. If you are thinking about a professional career in classical music, you have probably devoted a good part of your early life to playing an instrument, training your voice, and studying the basics. You have put countless hours into practicing your art and you know many more hours of work lie ahead before you rank with the best. Each time you play, sing, or conduct presents you with an opportunity to be better than the last time you were onstage, to perfect what you do There are others in the field you admire and emulate, but for the most part it is a competition within yourself to reach new heights you never thought possible. Understanding the music and interpreting it for the audience form the challenge of being successful in this field. You will work in front of a very astute audience, people who know what they are hearing. The applause you get is hard-earned, the appreciation genuine, and the performance cherished.
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