A Year Without the Grocery Store Companion Workbook (Paperback)

A Year Without the Grocery Store Companion Workbook By Karen Morris Cover Image
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Preparedness is kind of like blogging. It's a long journey with a steep learning curve The whole purpose of this Companion Workbook to A Year Without the Grocery Store is to help level out that learning curve. This workbook...● Walks you through setting up your long-term food storage. ● Takes you step by step through how to decide on your short-term food storage menu. ● Takes your menu and helps you break down each meal's ingredients. ● Gives you worksheets on which to collate the necessary foods for your short term-food storage. ● Provides eight checklists to give you suggestions for kits to help your family in crises large or small ● Shows you how to determine your water needs and how to provide for those needs for your family This workbook is, as far as I know, the only product of its kind that walks you through each step of the process of building your own stockpile of foods that your family will eat and enjoy. The worksheets provide you with step-by-step instructions and give you space to fill out your information, to tailor this journey to meet your own particular needs. Have a gluten issue? No problem You will choose your own shelf-stable foods that your family already eats. Really don't care for meat? No one's going to suggest that you eat it. Want to provide most of your own fruits and veggies from your own garden? Go right ahead. This workbook allows you to build this journey for YOUR family from start to finish. The checklists are meant as suggestions. Cross out the items you don't think you need. Add items in the extra spaces provided. Tailor this specifically for you.
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ISBN: 9798650180289
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: June 19th, 2020
Pages: 118
Language: English