Staff Picks

Opinionated October Staff Picks

Spooky season is upon us. The ghoulish, ghastly, and gross side of us all is emerging from its summer-baked cocoon, ready to wreak havoc before retreating for winter. We’ve got quite the assembly of books to imbibe the little gremlin in your soul. Please enjoy our October Staff Picks!

Snazzy September Staff Picks

What’s that smell in the air? Dried leaves, cinnamon, colder air? Are enormous sweaters suddenly appearing in your closet? Do you crave a warm cup of tea even though IT’S STILL SO HOT OUTSIDE? Check out September’s Staff Picks to welcome autumn.

Arresting August Staff Picks

Frolic in the late summer fields, immediately retreat indoors, take an antihistamine, and read one (or more) of our arrestingly interesting August Staff Picks! Check out the Audiobook Playlist HERE!