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Shocktober Staff Picks!

Time To Fall Into September Staff Picks

Audible August Staff Picks

Staff Picks For...June's Over? Julying!

Springing Backwards to June Staff Picks

April Staff Picks for Springtime

Looking for that perfect novel to take on your mud season getaway, or something to take to the park during these first few warm days? We're happy to tell you that we've done all the reading so we can recommend great new books for you.

These March Staff Picks Are Everything

January Staff Picks to Help You Reach Your Reading Goals in 2019

It's a brand new year! Reach all your reading goals this year with the help of our well-read staff.  This is what we're loving and reading lately:

The ULTIMATE Holiday List of Favorites!

To celebrate an excellent year in books, Off the Beaten Path teamed up with the extraordinarily well-read staff at Bud Werner Memorial Library to create the ultimate list of staff favorites.  We promise there's something for everyone on this list: from the uncle who's already read every thriller by the time you buy it for him, to the voracious elementary school kid who reads way above their level, if you don't see it on this list of favorites, come into Off the Beaten Path, and we'll help steer you in the right direction.

 In the meantime, these are the best books of 2018, thanks to all the book-lovers of Steamboat Springs!

November Staff Favorites: Early Holiday Picks & More!

We can't believe there are only ten more days until the mountain opens! Is it really already that time of year, when we start hearing the first holiday songs in stores, when we see the first holiday displays?  If all the gift-giving overwhelms you, don't be afraid.  Off the Beaten Path has a knowledgeable staff, and they're at-the-ready to help you make excellent selections for all the friends and family on your list!

Don't forget that Members' Appreciation Day is December 1st, where members get 15% off all purchases.  It's a great day to get a head-start on that holiday checklist.  If you're worried that your membership has lapsed, it is possible to purchase your membership on that day to get the discount.  We also stock wonderful stocking stuffers and family games that are fun to play around the holiday table when dinner is over.

If you're far away, you can always give the gift of an Off the Beaten Path gift card!  Give us a call at 970-879-6830, and we'll help you purchase and send a gift card to someone you love, to remind them of an upcoming trip to your favorite ski town, and all the cozy times ahead.