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Consignment Policy

Off the Beaten Path Book Consignment Policy


Congratulations on writing a book! 

Off the Beaten Path is happy to support our community’s local authors and give their books a space to shine. 

If you are interested in having the bookstore carry your title, please review the following: 


  1. Before dropping off a copy of your book or filling out an Author Consignment Agreement, you are required to fill out our Consignment Inquiry form.

    1. Books dropped off unsolicited (without filling out the Consignment Inquiry form first) will not be considered for sale. 

  2. Authors will be charged a one-time processing fee of $45 per title for books sold through Off the Beaten Path

  3. In order for a book to be considered, it MUST have an ISBN and the title/author name MUST be printed on the spine. 

  4. Authors must complete and sign an "Author Consignment Agreement" before any books are received and shelved for sale in our store. Off the Beaten Path will provide this form. 

    1. The consignment agreement must include your current email, phone, and mailing address

    2. Please indicate on the consignment agreement how we can obtain more books from you if needed

  5. You must include a receiving memo every time you provide books for sale.

  6. Checks for books sold are issued the first week of each month for any books sold the previous month. If we have not sold any of your books in the previous month, you will not receive a check. 

  7. Any book that has not sold within 6 months of being displayed in our store will be taken off the shelf and the author will be contacted for pick up. The cost of shipping books back to the author is included in the initial $45 processing fee.

    1. Any books not picked up within 2 weeks of contact will be discarded and/or donated. 

    2. Off the Beaten Path is not responsible for lost or stolen merchandise


Once the author agrees to the terms listed above, has completed the Consignment Inquiry form, and upon completion of the Author Consignment Agreement, we can accept an initial 3 copies of the author’s book. We will contact the author if we need more copies. 

Our consignment terms are 40% of sales to Off the Beaten Path and 60% of sales to the author. 

We are not responsible for books that are dropped off unsolicited at the store. Books left with us unsolicited become property of Off the Beaten Path. You will not be reimbursed for misplaced copies that are left for review. 

As an independently owned business, we are under no obligation to sell any items that we don't feel contribute to our collection. We may determine that your book is not a good fit for us. This is no reflection on the value of your book, but rather its fit for Off the Beaten Path and our customers.

Off the Beaten Path reserves the right to terminate or alter the agreement at any time.