Make a Wish List!

How to add books to your wish list:

When you discover a book you love on this website, you will see an "Add to wish list" next to the "Add to cart." button.

If you'd like to add a book to your wish list, simply click the "Add to wish list" button.

How to view your wish lists:

When you've compiled your list of books, click on My Account at the top of the page, and click on "manage wish list." From this page you can adjust quantities and remove items from your list before sending it to friends.

How to email your wish list to friends:

To send your wish list, click on My Account at the top of the page and then click "email your wish list." Enter email addresses of firend you want to send the list to - up to 10 at a time!

How to find someone else's wish list:

Wish lists can also be searched by email here.

What happens when someone buys a book from my wish list while at the store:

If your friends buy you a book from your wish list in the store, unfortunately your wish list will not be updated. Worst case scenario, you get two of the same book and you can return it and choose another book!