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Resources for Authors

So you wrote a book!

Publishing Resources

There are many places to publish your book, but if you don't find the right one, you could find yourself victim to predatory publishers. A predatory publisher is one that exploits the need to publish but offers little in return for using their services. They fail to follow accepted standards or best practices of scholarly publishing and are characterized by false or misleading information, deviation from sound editorial and publication practices, a lack of transparency, and/or the use of aggressive solicitation practices. Falling prey to a predatory publisher could result in being charged exorbitant publishing fees, your work being held hostage, or damage to the credibility of your research.

Off The Beaten Path Bookstore recommends Ingram Spark for safe publishing! Find out more on their website and get your work published!

Authors who choose to publish through competing online portals lessen their chances of getting on the shelves of independent bookstores.

Want your book at Off the Beaten Path?

To get your book in our store, please review our consignment policy and fill out our consignment inquiry form. Once you submit your form, a staff member will reach out to you within a week.

Already have your book on our shelves & want to do a signing event?

If you would like to have an author signing at Off the Beaten Path, please email our events manager. In your message please include:

  • Author name:
  • Title:
  • ISBN:
  • Publication date:
  • Date range you want to have your event:
  • Author photo:
  • Cover image of your book:
  • Book description:
  • Anything else:

We require authors to pay a fee of $60 for their event. This fee will cover the following services:

  • Social media promotion
  • Website feature
  • One monthly newsletter feature
  • Community promotion
  • In-store merchandising materials


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