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Coffee & Books - Off the Beaten Path Bookstore – Steamboat Springs
Mountain Town Magazine, Winter 2013/2014. Page 86.

"Off the Beaten Path Bookstore in Steamboat Springs is a lovely independent bookstore that greets you with calm, the newest literary releases and a coffee bar complete with adult beverages. A Bailey’s with coffee was irresistible as I settled in for some time up in their second floor book loft. Perched from above I observed the comings and goings of area college students, retired locals catching up with the Sunday newspaper, skiers and snowboarders rolling off the hill, kids, moms, dads and even a few cowboys.

Books, lots of books grace their shelves; the latest fiction, biographies, kids books, cooking, do it yourself books and more. Grab some of their delicious baked goods, breakfast sandwiches, panini, salads or freshly made soups. Then settle in and relax. Can’t unhook? Free Wifi awaits you too.

More than a bookstore, Off the Beaten Path Bookstore is a hub for events and social gatherings. Book Author Signings, Poetry Readings, Literary Discussions, Art & Wine Events, Children’s Reading Festivals, as well as Breakfast in the Books parties..."

"An Epic Book Nook" from "5 Reasons To Visit Steamboat Springs"
Denver Post, 2/28/2012

It often seems as if all Steamboat paths lead to Off the Beaten Path (68 Ninth St., 970-879-6830, steamboatbooks.com), the bookstore/coffee shop just off Lincoln Avenue. You forgot reading material? You need to satisfy your twice-daily caffeine fix? You're in search of friendly conversation with a stranger? Steamboat is a friendly place, but this bookstore can fill those needs and more.

"A throwback to the Beat Generation"

Off the Beaten Path is a throwback to the Beat Generation, with poetry readings, lectures, and concerts. It has an excellent selection of New Age works, in addition to the usual best sellers and travel guides.

Going Off The Beaten Path in Steamboat Springs
Hallie Sawyer, Freelance and Historical Fiction Writer, 3/16/12

If my hands weren’t busy juggling my recent purchases, I would have clapped my hands like a five-year-old girl getting her first American Girl doll. This little gem is an independent store that has been in business since 1990 that is open seven days a week AND open 8 am-7 pm every night. Their web site says they are open later during peak seasons. Shut up. You had me at open. 

I would spend all of my writing time in this place if I lived there. The store isn’t huge but from what I could tell, they are good at what they do.

3 Days in Steamboat Springs
Sunset Magazine

As night falls, you'll be lured to the inviting glow emanating from Off the Beaten Path, an eclectic bookstore/coffeehouse/wine bar in a Victorian-style house.

Love Notes From Our Customers:

Here's a small collection of some notes we have received from our customers. You can also hop over to TripAdvisor and Yelp to read more reviews (and you'll see that we're not faking all the love letters)!

" I always visit your bookstore when I am in Steamboat, usually for a sporting event for one of my sons. Your store is one of  my 16 year old sons favorite bookstore in the country ...we visit bookstores whenever we travel! I am enjoying your e-mails with book reviews very much, I'm not sure when I will I will have time to read all the books on my list! Thank you." Mary

"A fantastic find!  One of the best bookstore layouts.  Cozy, warm, and bookie home." Bill, Littleton, CO

“I don’t know how you did it, but this place is better than the old store!” Anonymous

“This store is enchanting!”  Anonymous

”I was in a few weeks ago desperately looking for a present for an 8-year old boy. I had amazing help by not one, but two people in your staff! He loved the book!! Thank you.” Anonymous

“These Lattes are the best – they are truly special.” Giles – Virginia

"What a great little store!" Anonymous

"Love your bookstore ... Sometimes I love to be taken Off the Beaten Path of my everyday life.  I get lost in your bookstore - I love it." Barb, Conneticutt to Steamboat Springs

“This store is like an antique shop – every time I come I find something wonderful and new.” Anonymous

"Looking at her Off the Beaten Path cup of hot Chai: “This is what winter is all about!” Anonymous

“The energy is so strong!” Anonymous

“The most interesting store in Steamboat.   We just love coming in here!” Anonymous

"I love the 'clutter' - it makes it feel so homey." Anonymous

"We come here every year from Ohio - and you are our favorite bookstore!"  Anonymous, Ohio.

"We first came in October '09.  Sue helped me find a delightful book, we had a terrific chat, and my husband I have been looking forward to visiting again for 2 months!"   Karin, McLean, VA

"Whenever we come to Steamboat, we always visit your bookstore and sit by the fire and drink hot chocolate ... reading our new books and the NY Times." Susan, Nethers, VA

“I am so glad I found this store.  It’s a gem!” Anonymous

"I always love this bookstore!" Anonymous, West Palm Beach, FL

"Complimentary gift-wrapping  ... for guys that's a big thing!  I'll be back!" Anonymous, Steamboat Springs, CO

“I love this place.” Anonymous